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Hearing Aids


We are pleased to be able to offer the latest in hearing aid technology from major hearing aid manufacturers. From Oticon in Denmark and Starkey who manufacture in Stockport, we can access the very best in hearing aids. 

This means that when it comes to supplying you with a hearing loss treatment, it really is bespoke. 

Unlike many 'high street' retailers who are often owned partly by a manufacturer, we are truly independent and impartial, as is our advice.


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Technology Evolves..

Digital? Check

Bluetooth? Check

Rechargeable? Check

With hearing aids that can connect to your phone, that can help with tinnitus and read a room 55 million times an hour, it has never been a better time to invest in your hearing. 

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hearing aid.png


Our prices start from as little as £1800 for a pair of rechargeable hearing aids. When we conduct a Hearing Test, we will discuss with you lots of options to suit a range of budgets and expectations. All with no obligation. 

Our prices include our superb aftercare which provides follow up appointments, batteries and warranties. 

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