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Wax Removal


We use the latest in technology to safely and efficiently remove stubborn wax. 

Firstly, we will conduct Otoscopy which is an inspection of your ears, including your ear canals. 

Once we are satisfied that it is safe to proceed, we will then take our time and safely remove the wax build up. Most patients notice an immediate improvement in hearing once the wax removal has taken place.

We will then conduct another inspection of your ears, this time inspecting your eardrums to ensure they are healthy. 

For at least five days prior to your appointment with us, we just ask if you can use an oil based wax softener once a day to ensure the wax is malleable enough for removal. (We can provide this product and it can also be found at most chemists/pharmacies)



**Once we are satisfied your ears are clear and there are no contra-indicators, we can provide a free Hearing Screening, a short test to ensure you are hearing as you should. This is all included in your £65 cost!**

We can also offer HOME WAX REMOVAL, give us a call if this is something you require! 

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