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Welcome to the 'Gold Standard'

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

As we get closer to opening, we are getting more excited about what we are bringing to Chepstow and the surrounding areas. We will be providing the 'Gold Standard' in hearing care. What does that mean and what does it even look like? Here are just a few of the things you are going to see in the clinic;

ENT Microscopes - We have invested in having the best available equipment to take care of your ears and hearing. By using ENT Microscopes, we can see into your ears in granular detail, ensuring we can offer the maximum in clinical support.

Video/Imaging Otoscopy - When we look into your ears, we can now also provide imaging of the inside of your ears and eardrum. This helps you see any issues with your ears, yourself. Taking images of your eardrums also helps us study them for any potential medical issues. There is no additional cost for this, it is all included in your Wax Removal or when having a Free Hearing Test, pretty amazing right! You would think this would be provided in most hearing clinics today, but it is surprising to note, we will be a rarity in South Wales by providing this.

REM Measurement (Real Ear Measurement) - This really takes Hearing Aid Fitting to a new level. Viewed as many in the hearing industry as a real exceptional provision and test, when we fit a hearing aid system we will be conducting this extensive, detailed test. Put very simply, we insert probes in the ears (completely painless) and measure directly how your eardrum in particular responds to the sound the hearing aids are making,. This provides the very best, most personalized fit possible, leaving nothing to chance. This is the real 'Gold Standard' of hearing aid fitting, in fact it estimated that less than 30% of all hearing clinics in the UK are providing this due to the investment required in equipment and time. Yet again, we set the bar as high as we can, providing this completely free of charge to any hearing aid fitting that is completed in our clinic. We want the very best, most personalized result for every patient when they invest in hearing aids.

As you can see, we are investing in the very best technology and medical equipment to be able to support our patients to a 'Gold Standard' that is simply brilliant. We are confident that we will offer something unique and truly special to our patients. We are able to take bookings now, so please give us a call if you want to book ahead.

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